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Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorney

If you have defaulted with your lender or are in the process of losing your property to foreclosure it is imperative that you take immediate action. Speak to Miami foreclosure lawyer Douglas Jeffrey, and protect your legal rights, your credit rating and your overall financial well being, especially if your lender is potentially seeking a large deficiency judgment against you.
Serving Miami Dade & Broward County Florida

How can a Miami foreclosure lawyer help you?

The law offices of Douglas J. Jeffrey, P.A.
Seeks to protect homeowners from foreclosure. Our foreclosure lawyer can help you navigate through the legal maze of Florida foreclosure law and provide you with several options to protect your legal rights and/or save your home. If you are facing foreclosure you probably have similar concerns like the questions below:
Have you been served with a complaint?
Do you want to perform a short sale?
Do you want to perform a modification?
Is bankruptcy right for you?
What do I do if there is a motion for summary judgment pending?
What can I do if I was defaulted improperly and I wish to save my property?
Is it too late if there is a pending sale date?
What if I want to delay the foreclosure on my property?
Does hiring a foreclosure lawyer make a difference?
These are questions we address daily and each problem is strategized individually, to meet the specialized needs of each of our clients. Miami and Broward County property foreclosures are at a historic high, requiring specialization for this diverse cultural environment.
Our Miami foreclosure defense lawyers are negotiators as well as litigators, and we will work with you to formulate a comprehensive strategy to protect your legal rights in the best manner available to you under the foreclosure laws of the State of Florida.
Fortunately, there are various powerful legal strategies that may be available to you. We will develop them with you and help relieve your Florida foreclosure anxiety.

Protecting South Florida Homes Against Foreclosure

Have you received a notice from your lender that your property may be in danger of foreclosure? Don't panic!
There are many legal steps that must be taken by your lender before they can actually foreclose on your property. These notices must be taken seriously, but do know that there are many things we can do to help delay or even stop the process.
We begin by looking at the original loan documents. There may be loopholes available that only an attorney specializing in foreclosure law would know to look for. In some cases, we may be able to halt the entire foreclosure process. In other cases, we are likely to be able to delay the process.
Our law firm will explore alternatives to foreclosure that may be in your best interest, such as short sales, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, mediation, or other legal arrangements that you can make that prevent a foreclosure from going on your credit record.
If you wish to keep your home we will look for alternative options. Note modifications can enable you to keep your home and alter the structure of your loan, either forgiving a portion of the balance, interest charges or other fees, and/or restructuring the payments so that your monthly payments fit into your budget.
Our foreclosure attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced with Florida state laws regarding property ownership, foreclosure proceedings, predatory lending practices, bankruptcy, and other legal issues a property owner may face.
The following alternatives are some common options:
Short Sale - Where the lender accepts less than the balance due to pay off a loan. Proof of hardship is typically required in these cases.
Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure - The homeowner/property owner will return the deed to the lender in an agreed upon arrangement. This alternative may not be appropriate for all situations and will still have an impact on the ability to obtain credit in the future.
Bankruptcy - In certain cases, this can save your property while legally absolving you of other debts.
Modification - One of the most popular options, if you are in a hardship situation your attorney may provide you alternative loan repayment options that are more suitable to your current financial situation.
Mediation - We will sit down with you and a representative from your lender to discuss and work out a mutually agreeable solution that works for everyone involved.
All of these options have their pros and cons and many still have a negative impact on your credit. This is why it's so important to find an attorney that has experience and knowledge of foreclosure laws and has worked with lenders to resolve these situations for other borrowers in the past.
If you have received a notice from your lender or you are concerned about your property going into foreclosure call and talk to one of our experienced and compassionate attorneys today. We will be happy to explore your options and help you make a determination on the best course of action to take for your personal legal situation.
The foreclosure attorneys at the Law Offices Of Douglas J. Jeffrey are located in Miami Lakes and work with clients throughout Miami Dade & Broward County. Regardless of where your home is situated call us today for a free consultation. We have helped defend homeowners against foreclosure in Boca Raton, Pombano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miami. Call today (305) 828-4744.